Intake and Billing Manual Table of Contents


·         Instructional Overview of Intake and Billing Best Practices Process

·         What’s on the Disk? – complete guide to manual extras and how to use the included disk


1.      Sample intake form / insurance verification form

2.      Common Equipment Post-it Cheat Sheet – 2 pages with HCPC Code, item description, brief qualifying criteria, documentation requirements

3.      Common Equipment Picture Guide – more extensive version of the Post-it cheat sheet, with illustrations

4.      Medicare Quick Coverage Guide – A to Z  alpha listing of Medicare coverage requirements

5.      Customer Contact Log

6.      High Financial Risk Assessment form

7.      Acknowledgement of Financial Responsibility form


1.      CMN Masters / Cover Letters

2.      CMS Physician Information Guides

3.      Physician Written Order Form

4.      CMN Process

5.      CMN Cheat Sheets

6.      Documentation Tracking Logs

7.      Hold File Tracking Log

8.      Common Diagnoses – ICD 9 Code listing

9.      Common Medical Abbreviations


1.      Common Denial Codes Cheat Sheet

2.      ABN Form and instructions

3.      Capped Rental Schedule / Flow sheet

4.      Sample 10 month letter


1.      Systems Audit Form

2.      Referral / Intake Audit Form

3.      Insurance Verification Audit Form

4.      CMN Audit Form

5.      1500 Form Audit Form

Human Resources

1.      Best Practices Intake – Billing Process Flow Sheet

2.      Job Descriptions (CSR, Documentation, Billing, Office Manager)

3.      Annual Evaluation Forms

4.      Orientation outline